With my first true Upper Peninsula experience in the books in 2021 in Iron River, I realized just how much of this state there is still yet to discover. One place I've heard about is Konteka and I can't believe I missed this place seeing as it was so close to where I was staying. This place is a really cool stop just north of the Wisconsin / Michigan border that featured a really special attraction that you sure would be hard-pressed to find anywhere in the lower peninsula.

They actually give you the chance to eat in the diner, while watching Michigan Black Bears feeding outside. Now this sounds pretty dangerous but it's actually safe, and the resort is actually for sale currently for just under $1,000,000 as their website indicates their attractions:

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Known for the black bear visits via the dining room areas far and wide not only across the country but internationally, the Konteka is in a densely-traveled tourist area for all the seasonal travelers and provides and caters to all with the numerous amenities offered. It has been incredibly busy, even in the COVID times!! What more could a group of guests ask for than to have their lodging, food, fuel, DNR stickers, eight-lane bowling alleys, a bar/lounge area, fuel, and a convenience store all under one roof located so close to the wonders and wilderness of the Western UP?

A million dollars is a lot of money, but running an attraction like this would be a Michigander's dream if they've got the time to do it. For now, it'll remain one of many places I still have to see in the U.P.

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