You know Lauren Lapkus from Crashing, Big Bang Theory, and Orange is the New Black. Now Lapkus is back as the title role in a new Netflix movie, The Wrong Missy opposite David Spade. She took some time to visit with Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show to talk about her latest project, what it was like working with David Spade, and the surprising moments she is truly starstruck.

"This movie is so fun," Lapkus said, of The Wrong Missy. "It stars me and David Spade and the whole premise is that he goes on two dates. One is with Molly Sims, who everyone knows to be the beautiful, super model, perfect woman. He has a perfect date with her and is, like, head over heels. And he has a blind date with me, and it's a nightmare. We're both named Missy. He texts the wrong Missy to go on his corporate retreat... and I just ruin everything in his life."
Alongside Spade, Sims, and Lapkus, the cast is rounded out by Nick Swardson, Sarah Chalke, and Rob Schneider. A long time fan of David Spade's, Lapkus gushed, "He's truly that funny all the time. Even when he's annoyed by something, he's funny.  It's a great thing to be around."
When she's not on set and finds herself milling around Hollywood parties the actress/comedian/voice talent sheepishly admitted that reality shows stars stop her in her tracks. "I tend to be more starstruck by reality stars. I got to meet a bunch of people from 90 Day Fiance and I truly didn't know what to say. I was nervous. It's, like, my favorite show. I'm so fascinated by it. And I was talking to Darcy from 90 Day Fiance and it was surreal for me. I had to get a picture."
If you missed the exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with Lauren Lapkus, you can check it out below.

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