The much beloved show Reno 911! is back in bite-sized servings on the new streaming platform Quibi. Kerri Kenny-Silver and Cedric Yarbrough who play Deputies Weigel and Jones, respectively, took the time to talk to Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop of the Rocker Morning Show to talk about the reboot, and what it's like working with Jeffrey Katzenberg, all while playing off each other like great improv actors do.

"This is our favorite season we've done so far and it's nice to say that without lying," Kerri Kenny-Silver mused. The veteran sketch comedy actress continued, "I feel like when you watch these episodes they actually really are how they were meant to be. There are, right now, 25 episodes on now, so plenty of Reno for you."

The timing for this season shooting and production schedule couldn't have been better. Cedric Yarbrough, "We were so fortunate to get the show done and finished before (COVID-19) hit and we're just very happy that we have something fun and funny for people to watch during this time, you know, give a little bit of an escape even though it is six to seven minutes long. You know, go the bathroom and watch the show, get away from the kids... I don't know if that's a good commercial for Quibi."

"Go to The Bathroom, and Watch Our Show," Kenny-Silver repeated back.
"I'm gonna stick by it."

Of course, Quibi was launched by media mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, who must be an intimidating person to work for. "I was very afraid, he's 'the man'," Kenney-Silver admitted, "and he turned out to be a lovely gentleman."

"They won't let me near him, and to their credit, they're very right," Yarbrough joked. "I would pick him up like a baby, and do all the things you would do to a Jeffrey Katzenberg."

"Every time we have are about to walk into a room we have to say to Cedric, do not swaddle the boss."
Check out the latest season of Reno 911! on Quibi, and to listen to the full Rocker Morning Show interview with Kerri Kenny-Silver and Cedric Yarbrough, click below.

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