The name may not ring a bell, but Barry Corbin has had a movie and television career for so long you'll sprain your scroll finger looking at his IMDB page, though most people recognize the former marine from his role as Maurice J. Minnifield in the early nineties drama/comedy Northern Exposure. The veteran actor joined Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show to talk about his latest project, taking his show on the road with "An Evening with Barry Corbin," that is, when we're all allowed to get back to it. It's a retrospective of his over forty years in show business, stories from behind the scenes, and a Q&A to follow.

"I'd like say hello to my son there in Kalamazoo. Hello, Jim!" the actor said, taking Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop by surprise. "He says he listens to you, so that's good." After a quick joke about Jim Corbin having terrible taste in morning shows, the interview turned to what to expect in Barry Corbin's show, "An Evening with Barry Corbin."

"We're gonna show some film clips, and I'm going to come out and talk for about a half and hour. Talking about my childhood and growing up and my career early on, and then I'm going to open up for questions and the audience and I will have a nice conversation," Corbin said, adding, "I'm not going to take anything off limits. We'll go with anything."

Barry Corbin's career began in 1976 with a small role in the television series, Movin' On. From there he would appear in the 1983 adaptation of The Thorn Birds, appearances on The A-Team and Twilight Zone, and even one episode of Designing Women. Eventually he would be cast in the CBS hit Northern Exposure. Different characters with various backgrounds, yet you can see Corbin in all of them. "Well, I look for any similarities and play those, and then look for the differences and drop those in on top of it." he explains regarding his method.

These aren't exactly easy times to put on a live show. Corbin knows this. "We don't know when we're going to do it... but we're ready to go when we can get an audience together," he said. So, how else is he dealing with coping with these unprecedented times? "I've got a mask with a dog nose on it."

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