Traverse City Police Department has been practicing social distancing and their dance moves. Watch their COVID-19 dance challenge video set to "I Will Survive."

"And so you're back." Remember the lip sync or lip dub challenge videos that were everywhere on the internet a while ago? It seems to have started in Texas in June of 2019 and quickly spread. Soon, not just police officers, but teachers, clerks, high schools and others were making their own videos in an attempt to go viral. Now, in the midst of the global Coronavirus pandemic, the TCPD is bringing it back. The challenge and the video went up on the Traverse City Police Department Facebook page on Sunday, May 10.

In attempt to uplift everyone’s spirit, the Traverse City Police Department has created the following video. We challenge the Grand Traverse County Sherriff’s Office to a COVID-19 dance challenge. Please enjoy!

Three officers, spaced six-feet apart by three yellow X's on the floor, wearing full personal protective equipment, dance to Gloria Gaynor's disco anthem "I Will Survive." First, they share coveted scraps of toilet paper before the line-dancing, white-guy-wedding-reception-shimmy-and-shake begins. Officers act out the lyrics of the song and act like they can floss. The wipes, spray and PPE is a nice touch, but I'm thinking the masks may be to hide the real identity of the alleged dancers.

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