It's the same old song and dance this year. The Detroit Lions are the brunt of many jokes, and they should be! This is a franchise that is just maligned from every facet of the game.

This is a franchise that pays overrated General Managers and Head Coaches a ton of money to smell. But then they have a Hall of Fame player in Calvin Johnson whom they withhold money from?

This is a franchise that has smelled since they traded Bobby Layne and he gave them a curse. This is a franchise that has barely sniffed a Super Bowl. This is a franchise that lost every game in one season, and the current head coach was a member of that team! This is a franchise that just flat out smells.

How many of these articles do I have to write? It is monotonous! I think we are all in agreement on this.

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No matter who is in charge with the Ford Family, they all smell as leaders and ownership people. One bad hire after the next, over and over again.

You want to love and root for this team, but it’s virtually impossible. The Lions do have a little bit of wiggle room with all the high draft picks they got in the Stafford deal, but they still smell. Dan Campbell is on the clock to turn this around. Can he do it?

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