One of football fans' favorite conspiracy theories is that the NFL is rigged and the outcomes are predetermined to ensure the best storylines to increase audience tune-in.

What happened at the end of the Detroit Lions - Minnesota Vikings game (December 11) may not prove a grand conspiracy, but a weird glitch certainly got fans talking.

Perhaps you missed the bugout video from the Fox Sports telecast because you were excited about that big win over the Vikings.

Following the game-ending turnover, the video runs a split-second frame back about 8 times before returning to a standard feed.

TotalProSports compiled a list of tweets about the glitch with many unoriginal comments about a 'glitch in the matrix.'

What the video glitch couldn't take away was the Lions' strong performance against the division leader who came in at 10-2. Detroit improves their chances at making the playoffs and remains very much in contention for a Wild Card berth.

Up next for the Lions is a stout Jets team who made their own headlines for an ironman performance from quarterback Mike White who was knocked out of the game twice after tough hits by the Buffalo Bills defense but returned to action each time only to seek medical care for suspected internal injuries after the game.

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