Bon Jovi has their critics, but there's no denying these guys work hard on stage every night to deliver a show. Hear them live from Madison Square Garden. 

Are you missing live shows as much as we are? There haven't been any live concerts since March and we don't know when they will return, so The Rocker is doing something about it. Every Saturday night at 8, it's Live in Concert. Tune in at 107.7, listen live at or on the Rocker app if you're on the go and hear live cuts from classic rock icons.

Madison Square Garden is practically a hometown show for the boys from New Jersey. Hear Bon Jovi recorded live on the "Lost Highway" tour- one of Richie Sambora's last with the band. The trek lasted 9 months, traveled to 4 different
continents, and they played 99 amazing shows- this week, you'll hear the final one at MSG. We've also got live cuts from Sammy Hagar at the  Chicago Theatre and Pearl Jam live from Soldier Field, plus Def Leppard from '83, rounding out this week's show.

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