Freddie Mercury was one of rock's greatest frontmen of all time. You won't be able to see him but you'll hear Queen live in concert from 1981 this week on RKR.

Are you missing live shows as much as we are? There haven't been any live concerts since March and we don't know when they will return, so we're is doing something about it. Every Saturday night at 8, it's Live in Concert. Tune in at 107.7, listen live at or on the RKR app if you're on the go and hear live cuts from classic rock icons.

This week,  Queen is the headliner. While Freddie Mercury was the focus of the band on stage, you'll hear how Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor contributed to the magic. This week's set was recorded live at The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on November 24, 1981. Next level Queen fans will recognize the date: Freddie Mercury's untimely passing came on November 24, ten years to the day after this performance.

This week, you will hear a dozen of Queen's biggest hits from the stage, supplemented by tracks from 2000's-era concerts by the Pretenders, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Styx. Saturday nights rock with Live in Concert, every week at 8 pm, exclusively on Kalamazoo's Rock Station 107.7 RKR.

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