For years, the Hong Kong Palace was a staple restaurant in Mattawan off the Red Arrow Highway. However, for more than a decade the foundations to which this family favorite once thrived, stood vacated for years and years. Many people from around the area wondered what would ever become of their favorite restaurant. Now, it's all just a memory, as it has been recently torn down.

Many people who saw the picture on the "Vanished Mattawan" Facebook page were shocked, pleased, and saddend to learn of its demise:


Andrea Dunn- How long has that place been empty? I've been gone for 20 years and I think it was empty/ not in business then.
Penny Ellis-  It was still Hong Kong Palace when we first moved back here around 1999ish....I ate there once with a family friend, and remember bringing take out home to our current house for Mike when he wasn't feeling well.
Tom Gromack- Last I knew, the new owner say going to open it last summer. He was having severe health problems And passed sometime in late summer last year.
Steve Bryer- Thank goodness! It has been such an eye sore...once was such a nice family owned Italian restaurant but that was 35 years ago.
Matthew Borgens- Wow! I bussed tables and washed dishes in high school when Allegro opened...




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