You've seen them in movies like Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom or on the National Geographic channel.  It's a narrow bridge that seems to be suspended in mid-air that sways in the wind or just sways when you walk on it.  Somehow it doesn't even seem the least bit safe.  For some, especially my wife, it can be as terrifying to traverse as going on the biggest, meanest roller coaster.  And yet, it's supposed to be a casual walk in the middle of natures' beauty.

The longest canopy in America just opened in Midland a little over 150 miles from Kalamazoo.  According to a post on, it's in the Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens in Midland, MI and it's a record-breaking 1400 feet long.  At it's highest point it's 40 feet off the ground.  I can only imaging what it will be like to walk across it especially this time of year when the forest will be in full color.  Now if I can only find enough sedatives for my wife to go with me.  Check out the tour from our friends at mLive.


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