Another one of the stops on my recent vacation was the Jelly Belly Center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.  This place is a warehouse for Jelly Belly that features a tour and a retail store. 

The Jelly Belly Center is between Kenosha and the state line of Wisconsin and Illinois. in Pleasant Prairie.

This place features a short train tour that takes you around the warehouse and stops to show you videos of how the jelly beans are made.

It wasn't very long and gives you an idea on how the beans are created plus you get a free sample of Jelly Belly.   I was more interested in the store in the front of the warehouse.   It seemed that everything Jelly Belly makes is for sale in the store.

The best part is they have a tasting area where you can try all sorts of flavors.  This included the horrible flavors they have in the Bean Boozled game.   Seeing that I have never had any of these flavors I thought I would try a few.

Photo by Mrs. Fly
Photo by Mrs. Fly

Stinky Socks, Rotten Egg and Dead Fish I also tried the Tobasco flavor no clue what I was thinking that day.  This eventually led me to finally opening the Bean Boozled box I've had for awhile. This featured even more of the bad flavors.

After eating the wet wipes and canned dog food flavors I wondered if I should of left this box unopened.   From now on I will stick to the regular flavors.

If you are ever in Southern Wisconsin and looking for a quick stop check it out.

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