This home is certainly one that can be filed under: unique.

This boat-shaped house, at 5629 E Augres Ave in Au Gres, MI, may be one of the most interesting homes I've stumbled upon on Zillow.

While it's currently not for sale, its estimated value is about $831,000, according to the listing. Aside from the very atypical design, the main seller of this property is definitely the view as it sits on Saginaw Bay. You'll see pictures below.

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Judging by the exterior shot of this home, it might be hard to believe that this home actually includes

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • a second floor
  • wood-burning fireplace

Plus, the interior is very spacious. Take a look:

Love Interesting Homes? This Boat House Has Been in Michigan Since 1936

Certainly one of the most unique Michigan homes found on Zillow, this boat-shaped house has a long history in the state

Raise your hand if you or someone you know would absolutely stand at the wheel in the living room and pretend like you're actually driving a boat. I know I would.

As stated above, this home currently isn't for sale. But, it's still fun to take a virtual tour.

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