As we told you Saturday, Battle Creek Police were called to Lakeview Square Mall, and several movie patrons scattered and fled the Mall after an incident there.  Police at the scene confirmed that there was a fairly large disturbance that started inside the theater and moved to the lobby.  More details were not available at the time, and now we know why.   The incident at Lakeview Square Mall involves two children and the very angry father of one of them.  Police Chief Jim Blocker tells WBCK that they have a team reviewing the incident, but because of the ages involved the department will not be releasing specific details.  Officers were called to the Mall shortly after 2:30pm Saturday.

A witness tells WBCK that it happened at the 1pm showing of "Black Panther".  He says a young girl's father became very loud and angry and used profanity and threats toward a teen that he believed either touched his daughter inappropriately, or asked the girl to touch him.  The father's outburst caused several patrons to flee the building.  The witness says the teenager also fled and the man followed him into the lobby.  Witnesses say patrons had to separate the man from the boy and family members until police arrived.

A police report says the teen denied he did anything to the child and his aunt said she was sitting next to the boy and also denies he did anything to the little girl. No arrests were made. A witness told us "There was no physical confrontation. No bomb threats. No one was held down and beat, and I don't know if any touching or assault ever occurred."

Still, a pretty big deal when a theater full of people go running out of the building.   Did they over-react?   What would you do?

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