The City of Manistee is fed up with feeding birds apparently, because this week, they passed an ordinance that would ban some residents from putting out bird feeders within the city's limits.

I'm not sure what the city has against birds suddenly, but they claim that the new ordinance is a necessary one, and will help make the city a better place. So let's break down this new ordinance.

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No Birds or Wild Animals in Downtown Manistee

During their most recent city meeting, councilors in Manistee pushed through a new ordinance that will prohibit bird feeders in the city's downtown district. The new ordinance is actually an amendment to an existing one on the books.

According to the new amendment, nobody living, or owning property in downtown Manistee is allowed to put out a bird feeder of any kind, which is now in addition to the original ordinance, passed on Feb. 6th, that specifically prohibits feeding "deer, wild turkeys, and other wild animals."

Now, thankfully, it's not the entire town that is banned from putting out bird feeders. People living outside of the downtown district - which is mostly confined to an area along River Street - can still have bird feeders at their homes, but they have to be at least 4 feet off the ground.

Manistee Bird Feeder Ban

Why Is Manistee Banning Bird Feeders?

TIt seems like common sense that you don't want to draw wild animals into your downtown area, but what's wrong with feeding a few birds?

According to council members, the ordinance will address safety concerns, and some littering issues they've had, but at least one business owner disagrees.

Jerry Johnson, who owns Gold and Silver Exchange in downtown Manistee said at the most recent council meeting, he's done with the community after focusing on such a trivial thing, even going so far as to move his business out of town.

"I'd much rather see our money was well spent elsewhere. There's no need to be on bird feeders. I think it got to be more personal, you know, than it did about facts."

But city manager William Gambill said the new ordinance was based around complaints they got, that eventually made their way through the ordinance committee.

What do you think? Did the city of Manistee go too far? Are they too focused on trivial ordinances over actual issues? Do they really even need to worry about feeding them, since birds aren't real anyway? (kidding... sort of)

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