Fifty years ago several artists got together and volunteered their time to form the Manistee World of Arts & Crafts. This provided the opportunity for artists and crafters tosell their art at a quality juried show in a welcoming park setting, and in that time has become a staple of Manistee.

Sadly those days are coming to an end, as organizers have decided that going forward, all operations regarding Manistee World of Arts & Crafts will cease. This was a blow to the community, after releasing the info that they're calling it:
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There have been a lot of changes over those 50 years. There have been many different organizers and a large variety of vendors that have made the shows great over the years. As time has gone on, it has become harder to find organizers and vendors. Due to that fact, it is with great regret that the Manistee World of Arts & Crafts is disbanding and will not be organizing any future shows. We have enjoyed meeting all of you and
wish you the best in your future shows.

What's Next

It's unfortunate that this is closing down, as profits from the booth fees, which had been set at $125 a booth, were donated to various local nonprofit groups. After the announcement a concerned citizen asked if the committee would be interested in passing down the group to a different set of people, however, the lead organizer has no interest in that.

So it will take some work for something of this magnitude to get started again.

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