Animal shelters across the country take in stray animals every day. A dog who wandered away from their forever home, or a fiercely independent barn cat make up the majority of volunteer's and staff's days. Rarely, if ever, does a shelter meet a stray pig.

But that's what happened, right here, in our fair city.

The Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement don't know much about Margaret, the pot-bellied pig, other than she loves a good scratchin' about the chin. She came to the shelter last week, and, according to an article, they're having a spot of trouble placing her in a home or keeping her in a proper place for a pig. As it stands, Margaret stays in a pen in the garage.


Though farms and animal rescues have been contacted, there's no guarantee anyone has room available immediately for such a large pig.

If you have a big heart (and a big home) consider Margaret.  The perfect forever family would have plenty of space for Margaret to run around and know how to properly care for a pig (hoof trimming, etc).


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