The snow has already been piling up in the Upper Peninsula and Marquette has now broken a daily snowfall record that was last set in 1984.

According to MLive, Marquette has been getting hammered with snow this year. November 19, 2018 was a record breaking day of 8.9 inches of snow beating the previous 1984 record of 8.4.

This years snowfall has been much more intense for the U.P. due to the much colder air with has been firing up the lake effect snow.

To really understand just how much snow Marquette has been hit with, the region has already been pelted with 29.8 inches of snow in November alone and that is three quarters of Detroit's average annual snowfall.

Marquette has already had double its normal snowfall. Typically the month of November in Marquette gets almost 13 inches of snow.

Marquette is already 15 inches above the normal snowfall and has a long way to go this winter season.

Due to the increased snowfall in the U.P., the folks in God's country may be looking at 300 inches of snow for the year. Great news for snowmobiler's, bad news for people who just own a shovel.


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