Meijer has announced that all of its locations will now be providing COVID-19 vaccines with the goal of vaccinating 150,000 people a week.

This is great. The more vaccine sites we can create the better, especially for those that have transportation issues. I've heard some horror stories of elderly people that take the bus and the headache that came with waiting in line across town just to get a shot. This is why it's so important to have multiple vaccination locations. 

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“Our stores and pharmacies continue playing an integral role in supporting their communities across the Midwest during this challenging time,” Meijer President & CEO Rick Keyes said. “Whether our team members and pharmacists are working with local organizations, coordinating offsite events or hosting large in-store clinics, we’re proud to continue our efforts as a federal retail pharmacy partner in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois and Kentucky as we expand access to these critical vaccines and defeat this pandemic.”

Meijer has been doing an amazing job since the beginning of this pandemic. And with this move, they've definitely set themselves up as one of the great companies during these harsh times. Details on how to register at Meijer to receive your shot are below.

People can register for an appointment at Meijer by texting COVID to 75049 to receive a link to register.


If people are interested they can also go to

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