Meijer is making a very generous offer, giving customers the option free delivery (and pick-up) for the next two weeks until January 29th.. As medical experts expect the Omicron variant to peak during this time, this offer can give customers (especially the elderly and those ailing) some added level of safety and help by allowing them to not be exposed.

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There are some stipulations, such as a minimum $35 order, and you have to make your shopping choices via either or via the Meijer app. This could be an issue for the elderly who don't have internet access or experience. For those able the venture outside the home, Meijer is also offering free pickup with the same $35 minimum.

But with stories coming out that the variant is hitting the elderly particularly hard, this does give the customers some added safety and loved ones some peace of mind.

What will be interesting is to see who utilizes this offer and, if it's successful, will it be incorporated full-time. As any shopper knows, as you navigate through the stores, you see more and more fellow shoppers wearing t-shirts for services like Shipt. How does this cut into that segment of the business. Does this put Meijer in competition with those services.

For now, this is a generous offer at a particularly difficult time, but it's certainly fascinating to watch from a business standpoint, as more and more brick and mortar stores find ways to give options to customers to not come into the store and yet, spend money with them.

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