Do you think the members of Metallica ever feel like dancing?

If they do, a new musical mashup that mixes Metallica's "Sad But True" with singer Leo Sayer's 1970s disco-R&B hit "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" could make a good song for cutting a rug.

The jarring but tuneful concoction comes from leading internet mashup maker Bill McClintock. He often puts multiple elements into his mashups of two disparate songs, but he kept it simple for what he calls "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (You Know It's Sad But True)" by "Leotallica." McClintock used only the two original tunes to make it seem like Metallica's James Hetfield is duetting with Sayer.

Listen to the mashup down toward the bottom of this post.

Making something like this isn't easy. "Trying to find two compatible songs takes a really long time," McClintock told Mouthing Off last year. "I've done eighty or so mashups. You would think that the more you do, the easier it gets. However, I think that it has gotten more difficult — my standards are higher."

Need proof? Past McClintock mashups have had Nine Inch Inch Nails colliding with Hall & Oates or Slipknot converging with Spice Girls. There's also Metallica cavorting with Huey Lewis and Motorhead combining with James Brown. Plus, Pantera facing Bill Withers and disco Danzig.

Metallica's 1991 "Black Album" was remastered and reissued in September. Ahead of the release, Metallica teased bonus cuts in a rare version of "Sad But True" and other songs.

Bill McClintock, Metallica + Leo Sayer Mashup

Leo Sayer, "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" (Original)

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