Michael Mosley has been a part of some of our favorite televisions series for nearly 20 years. From Scrubs to Sirens to Castle, he has played characters both characters we root for and characters we love to hate. But his latest project, Fox's NeXt, is his first step in to the world of science fiction. NeXt follows the story of a former Silicon Valley designer who joins forces with a Homeland Cybersecurity Agent to stop a rogue Artificial Intelligence. He joined the JT and Stefani show to talk about NeXt and a future endeavor that hits shockingly close to home.

With the many pilots that get shopped around every year, I was curious as to what NeXt had that his other possible projects didn't. "The script," Mosley was quick to say. "I read this script and I thought it was interesting and good and unique. I hadn't read anything like it.

The pandemic has affected quite a few shoots, sometimes even shelving whole projects for the foreseeable future. Fortunately for us, the pandemic only affected the release of the first season. "We actually lucked out. We wrapped the first season right at the beginning of COVID," shared Mosley, "This is kind of above my pay grade. We were supposed to come out in the spring but they bumped it until the Fall, which I think is better."

A versatile actor, Mosley's next focus is based on a true story that happened in his hometown of Cedar Falls, Iowa. "I optioned a book a few years back called Brother's Blood about a murder that happened in my hometown, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where a guy named Jerry Mark rode his motorcycle from Berkeley, California to Cedar Falls, Iowa, and he's convicted of murdering his brother, his brother's wife, their two children in their beds while they slept and then getting back on the motorcycle and driving back to Berkeley," Mosley said. "I've got a writing partner and producing partners, and we're in development with a company and we're trying to turn that into a series."

NeXt airs every Tuesday at 9:00pm on Fox. Click below for the full RKR interview with Michael Mosley.

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