Some studies show we're watching more television than ever before and the classics are as popular as ever. Only Michigan and Ohio chose this sitcom as a favorite.

You might be getting older when a life insurance website does a study on TV and you can remember watching these shows when they were first broadcast. Television captured the imagination of Americans from the moment it was introduced, and despite all the other screens, devices and delivery methods, the classics remain popular today. You could make the argument that classic TV shows are like comfort food. Especially in (serious voice) "these uncertain times," going back to a simpler age has an appeal.

Coventry Direct used data from Google Trends to find the most searched for shows in each state. There was no overwhelming favorite, with The Brady Bunch and The Addams Family topping the list, winning just 4 states each. The problem is, there are just so many great shows still in circulation. Comedies in all kinds of work and family situations, dramatic soap operas, action-filled cop shows, tear-jerkers, westerns, dramedies and so many more. A lack of consensus generated a list of 90+ shows. It does seem odd, though, that only Michigan and Ohio picked Cheers. Boston didn't even pick Sam Malone and company- they love St Elsewhere in Massachusetts.

The complete results of the study and great ideas for your next binge-watching session are available here.

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