Well, there's a string of words I never thought would be put together.  But, hey, it's 2020 when American ingenuity is hard at work.  It's another example of people thinking outside the box.  See what I just did there?  Box?  Booth?  Ya, you got it.

Of all the things that people didn't think they'd have a problem doing without, going to the bar wasn't necessarily #1 on the list.  As time passed from the first shutdown, though, more and more people couldn't wait to get back out there.

Now, crowds at bars with or without masks, seem to be in the national spotlight as far as infectious hot spots.  So what has to be done to ensure safety while also insuring fun?  There is no easy answer and without some precautions numbers will spike and we may have to go back and drink at home.

There's one bar right here in Michigan who is literally and figuratively thinking outside and inside the box at the same time.  The Fireplace Bar and Grill in Fenton has come up with a very creative way to screen customers for COVID-19.

It's a COVID-19 Detection Booth set up in front of the main entrance that scans your temperature and sprays you with disinfectant.  I'm not sure about the spray but the temperature check is a good idea.

It's kind of like the thermal screeners at the airports and government buildings.  Except it's not because it's part of a bar in Fenton, MI.  Nevertheless, it's a novel idea for a novel virus.  See there?  I did it again.

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