Remember a few years ago when people across the country were reporting creepy clowns walking around, slowly and aimlessly for no reason? Well it may seem that some people can never forgive for that. Oak Park has a Halloween event coming up and they are not allowing Clowns to be in attendance. The event that will incluse hayrides, cider and donuts, music, and more entertainment on Halloween is not tolerating the appearance of clowns, as Oak Park recreation director Laurie Stasiak tells Oakland County Times:

This event is centered around young children. In the past few years, many clown costumes have been given a very scary and evil look. Many scary and horror movies are centered around these types of characters. About 3 years (ago) there were national incidents in the news (where) people were dressing up as clowns and scaring people, and in some cases assaulting them. Many people have phobias and anxiety about clowns. It’s because of this that we asked people not to dress up as clowns for this community event.

Just my opinion, but this is HOW you get clowns...

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