As time goes on, more people are starting to make payments from their Debit, Visa or Mastercard a regular thing. But this can lead to issues when it comes to shopping at certain stores. Some Michigan businesses may implement a minimum to use your card, while others make it public that they charge a processing fee.

But even though they're supposed to by law inform you of this, it's possible you've been charged a hidden credit card fee in the past and not known about it. That act is actually illegal in the state of Michigan, and that comes straight from our government's website:

Brick and mortar sellers who choose to impose a surcharge must post a notice at the store’s entrance and at the point of sale advising that a surcharge applies to purchases made with identified credit cards. Sales receipts must itemize the exact amount of the surcharge. Online sellers have to disclose that a surcharge will be imposed on the website page where credit cards are first mentioned.


What To Do If You've Been Secretly Charged?

You can report complaints or violations to the applicable credit card carrier online Visa / Mastercard.

You may also notice gas stations have made you aware publically that there may be a difference in price per gallon if you pay with a card as opposed to cash. Any kind of hidden inflation is also illegal in Michigan.

With the fast-paced lifestyle we live it's very easy to miss these things, so always make sure you get the receipt for all card transactions. If you're not going to budget, at least check to make sure you're not getting taken advantage of and losing money.

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