I have some great news to start your work week, you can quit your work right now because the Michigan Department of Natural Resources apparently has everyone's dream job lined up for you. Ok, maybe DON'T quit your day job but you can at least scale back some hours to be a PROFESSIONAL BEAR CUB CUDDLER.

The job listing comes with more responsibilities than JUST cuddling the heck out of a baby bear, but it's still an awesome gig. The MI DNR tweeted out some photos of the importance of cuddling bear cubs and the purpose it serves:

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This sow gave birth to three cubs a few weeks ago. These cubs don’t have enough fur or fat reserves to keep warm without mom to snuggle up to. That’s where the limited-term professional bear cuddling (dream job?) comes in. Cubs are held inside jackets for about an hour during the sow’s check-up. They weigh between 3-6lbs and are easy to hold as long as you keep a close eye out for those claws! You might imagine they smell like warm chocolate chip cookies. In reality it’s more like a wet musky dog.

Watch For Them Claws

Apart from cuddling bears, the job comes with the task of assisting with wildlife habitat maintenance and improvement, which may include cutting clearings and adjusting water levels along with other landscaping duties on the grounds.

I love my job but if this is what other people get to do for a living, I'm a little jealous. But at least there's no risk of getting on Momma's bad side over here.

Bear Cave: Buchanan, Michigan

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