Taking a breaky from the ice, two collegiate hockey players from the University of Massachusetts Boston combined Leg Day and Cardio in to one epic work out. After crushing some sandos and appys, they strapped on roller blades and skated nearly 900 miles from Boston to the Mitten, all in the name of raising money for the American Cancer Society. Ferda!

Total Pantene pro 21-year-old Jacob Adkins and super smoke show 22-year-old Andrew Walker both picked up their fresh blades recently and decided to use them to enhance their skills in praccy. Adding a few miles a day to their explosive Burpee box jumps, bicep curls, and tricep extendos routine, Walker and Adkins started talking about how much money it would take to get them all the way to Los Angeles, and not for a roadie on the scheddy.

L.A. dreams gave way to the idea and execution of a 10-day blading trip from Boston to Mason, Michigan, Walker's home town. Calling themselves "Men in Blades", Adkins and Walker set up a Go Fund Me account aptly called "Blade Ferda-Rona Fundraiser" to raise money for the American Cancer Society. So far, they have $25,000 of the $100,000 they planned to raise. Click here to see pics of the boys on their epic adventure and find out how you can help them reach a goal that's not on the ice.

I call that a fierce W, boys! Get these guys a Puppers!

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