Michigan has a lot it can lay claim to. Some of it is VERY prestigious. Then, there are the few odd items that stick out above the rest.

World Records, specifically those with the "Guinness" moniker attached, are always a popular way to draw attention to yourself, and your state. But Michigan holds some truly unique ones, and one that downright stinks... but in a good way.


Now, there are some discrepancies as to the OFFICIAL loudest fart in the world, as three places lay claim to the record, but none can officially prove it. But two of them seem too outlandish to really conceive.

Alleged Contenders

A man in Texas claims they let one loose that registered 194 decibels, which would make it louder than a gunshot or a jet engine. This seems a bit excessive for something to come out of a person's behind, but they ALSO say it only lasted for a third of a second. So... I don't think we can count that.

The other disputed record holder was October 11th, 1972, a 113 Decibel delivery from Herkimer Chort, conveniently of Ripley, New York. His allegedly Roarin' ripper surpassed the noise level of a jackhammer or a car horn. Again, two CONVENIENTLY common occurrences in New York.

But both alleged contenders took place AFTER the OG fart that sent echoes around the world.

The Real OG Record Fart

Paul Hunn let loose on May 11th, 1972 in Flint Michigan. A fart that lasted for two minutes and 42 seconds, and reached a level of 118.1 decibels. That's louder than a rock concert, or a chainsaw. It's also the only fart that was much more specific about the decibel level, AND has the most corroboration.

So while it IS unofficial, we believe it to be true. And NOT the only world record to be held in Michigan. See the gallery below for 7 more that can only be found in the Mitten State.

Eight World Records We Hold in Michigan

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who could come close to beating any of these!

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