We love our craft beer in Michigan, but did you know handcrafted potato chips are a thing too? These four brands of tasty, crunchy chips are proudly made here.

Michigan is known across the country and around the world for many things. We are the hub of the automotive industry. Motown took that assembly line concept and created the Sound of Young America. Gibson guitars fueled rock and rollers around the globe. Vernors, pasties and Mackinac Island fudge are uniquely ours. Although pizza was not invented in Michigan, five national chains that started here perfected it: Little Caesars, Domino's, Jet's Pizza, Cottage Inn and Hungry Howie's. Now, add potato chips to Michigan's pizza and craft beer empire.

Michigan's climate is well-suited to growing potatoes, and the state ranks 8th in the country for potato production. More than 70 farms drive the potato industry, which contributes about $1.24 billion to Michigan’s economy, including more than 3,000 jobs in potato production and processing. Many of these spuds are used to make potato chips. Did you know there are four brands made in Michigan?

Better Made Potato Chips

Founded in 1930, Better Made is the only one of more than 20 original potato chip companies in Detroit that survives today. You've probably enjoyed the crunch of their potato chips, popcorn, kettle chips, potato sticks, pretzels, pork rinds or cracklins.

Uncle Ray's Potato Chips

This is another of the better known brands made in Michigan- Uncle Ray has been at it since the Rolling Stones hit 31 with "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" 1965. Offering 13 varieties of chips, Uncle Ray says "if you can't find a flavor you like, somethin's amiss with your taste-buds, friend."

Downey's Potato Chips

Family-owned, family-operated and made exclusively in the Detroit suburb of Waterford since 1984. Specialization is what it's about, as Downey's makes just one iteration of their handmade, small batch, kettle cooked chips.

Great Lakes Potato Chips

In 2009, a Traverse City restaurant owner and his recently retired father picked up 1,500 pounds of potatoes in their pickup truck with the idea of trying something different. That dream now produces more than 30 million ounces of chips per year. Simple and natural is the idea and Great Lakes Potato Chips promises "a great tasting chip in every bag every time."

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