There are so many things in high school I wish I would have learned that ended up being a massive deal as an adult. I've said for years that there is SO much wasted knowledge in high school going towards things we'll never apply to real life.

Like... making limestone from gunpowder and in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue didn't end up doing a damn thing for me...go figure.

That's why I wish Michigan would elect to teach kids trades and life skills they can apply right out of high school, which is what they're doing in Philadelphia.

According to Fox 29, there's a school district that is gonna be educating kids in different trades that will not only lead to an internship out of school but also an OSHA certificate:

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Off To A Good Start

The School District of Philadelphia is touting a new pilot program that teaches students different trades and puts them on the fast track to a full-time apprenticeship. The Construction Trades Initiative is a four-month program that meets once a week and teaches students trade basics, financial literacy, and professional development. Roughly 40 students are currently enrolled in the program and will receive an OSHA certificate upon completion. From there, the students will be set up for a full-time apprenticeship.

If Michigan could adopt a similar strategy, what do you think some solid trades to introduce to these kids would be? I have some thoughts and ideas and I'm curious about what you all think of these...

Trades They Should Teach High School Kids In Michigan


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