There are so many potholes in Michigan this time of year, they are starting to look like Michigan.

It may have happened when he was changing a tire, but reddit user pocketwhiskey spotted a pothole that looks just like the state of Michigan- with a heart in the middle!

Can you see it?

pocketwhiskey via reddit
pocketwhiskey via reddit

Of course, reddit being what it is, the clever quips quickly followed:

  • PureMichigan = PurePotholes
  • New state flag.
  • Is it that the pothole looks like Michigan, or is Michigan becoming one large pothole?
  • This is art imitating life.
  • They say a lot of people start to look like their pets... this is basically the same thing, right?
  • Aww with a heart shaped center. To represent how we love this $h#t hole.
  • No, this IS Michigan

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