Being an officer of the law is a dangerous job, and one of the most dangerous positions an officer can be in is behind the wheel of their own cruisers. While it may seem secure, at any given moment, they could be part of a high-speed chase, and have to be experts on the road, navigating urgency, and safety for other drivers.

Sometimes chases turn out OK, but other times, like what happened on June 16th in Muskegon, it doesn't end great, and we now have footage from a horrific car accident, from inside a Michigan State Police cruiser when it collided with a suspect during a recent chase.

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On June 16th, Michigan State Police took part in a chase of a vehicle near Peck Street and East Holbrook in Muskegon.

Troopers say they were trying to stop a vehicle that was reportedly stolen from Kent County, but the driver failed to comply, and took off. A chase ensued, and a second cruiser was called to assist in the chase.

That second cruiser - with two troopers inside - caught up to the vehicle at an intersection, at a high rate of speed, and collided with it, which we now have footage of, and you can see below.

Thankfully, everyone survived that wreck, but both troopers out of Grand Rapids were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. One of the officers was caught in the cruiser as it caught fire, and crews had to pull him out.

The two occupants of the suspect vehicles were also taken to the hospital for their injuries. That vehicle also caught fire.

Lt. Robinson of the Michigan State Police Fifth District  commented on the incident after it happened.

"This is a situation that we never want to deal with, especially when we're dealing with other individuals. We never want to see this happen. And so our thoughts go out to the troopers, their families, the families of the individuals that were in the other vehicle... it's a senseless thing that happens."

The vehicle was confirmed to be stolen by the two teenagers that were inside at the time of the accident.

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