I love the fact that the state of Michigan still embraces the train, not only for travel, but to ship goods from one side of the state to the next. There’s just something nostalgic an old world about it that I love and recently a video was shared online of what is apparently the longest train, you will ever see in the state of Michigan.

Now, living in Kalamazoo it can be a little hectic when you’re sitting downtown and there is a train passing by which will leave you in your tracks for about 15 to 20 minutes. But this freight train in the video posted from the Escanaba & Lake Superior railroad would have us waiting all day long if it came through Kalamazoo.

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This 502 double engine workhorse of a train pulled 110 cars behind it as one man was able to film the video. Just imagine this thing moving super slow through downtown Kalamazoo, how long it would take to pass. It seem to be making pretty good speed in such a rural area and at one point you wonder if it’s ever going to end. It’s such a cool video and thanks go out to Jason Asselin for posting it.

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