It doesn't get much more wholesome than this! A Michigan woman and her grandmother are going viral after getting matching tattoos in honor of her 90th birthday. TikTok user @christinaam13 posted the video just days ago, but it's already received 1 million views and counting!

Christina and her grandmother went to American Pride Tattoos in Rochester, MI for their ink. The pair decided to get matching tattoos of a sleeping angel, with Christina placing her tattoo on her ankle and her grandma opting for her right shoulder.

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You can tell by the video that this isn't Christina's only tattoo, but it's unknown whether this is her unnamed grandma's first tattoo or not. The pair seem to be enjoying the milestone together and what's even more impressive is that grandma didn't even flinch!

In the video, Christina's grandfather makes a quick appearance but he seems to be less than thrilled with his wife and granddaughter's decision. At least he tagged along for moral support! Despite grandpa's disapproval, this is sure to be a day they will all remember forever.

Scrolling through the comments, here's what other users had to say:


She didn't even flinch!! Legend!


What a beautiful memory to make

Tattoo Laws in Michigan

Though there are laws regarding minors and minimum age requirements, there are no laws saying you're ever too old for a tattoo! In the state of Michigan you must be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo. Minors must have prior written consent from their parent or legal guardian who are also required to show a birth certificate or, "legal proof of guardianship to establish the individual's authority to give the informed consent required" according to the public health code.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

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