Cindy Johnson of Chelsea Michigan can't have enough Christmas Cheer surrounding her!

Cindy Johnson of Chelsea has 177 decorated Christmas trees in her home! Putting up the trees and the start of decorating occurs in September and everything is ready by Thanksgiving. The trees stay up until the end of January.

Cindy started collecting ornaments in 1976 and she now has...

  • 3,734 Hallmark Ornaments
  • 5,000 Generic Ornaments

Many of her Christmas trees have themes, there is...

  • The Winnie the Pooh Tree
  • A Moose Tree
  • A Disney Tree
  • A Mickey Mouse Tree

And that is just to name a few. Her home is only 30 hundred square feet and Cindy said there is no more room for any more trees.

Check out the video below, her home is very impressive and truly a 'Winter Wonderland'!



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