There is one woman in Southeast Michigan who has had just about enough of the violation warnings and potholes that riddle the roads she is forced to traverse on a daily basis, and a video she recently put out on her TikTok is filled with the same amount of rage I'm sure we all feel this time of the year. The woman did not mix words in her viral video, except where she asked the Mayor of Michigan (she was most likely referring to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer) to fix the damn roads.

The video, which has received over 34,000 interactions and over 2000 comments shows her anger that the city is sending her daily warnings, while she points out the horrific conditions that caused her car to suffer internal damage. She pulled over while driving at 16 Mile Road and Ryan in Warren to express her anger:

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@mamacrispy Momma crispy is mad the city of sterling heights is worried about the wrong things they dont do nothing but take taxes!#sterlingheights#michigan#fyp♬ original sound - MamaCrispy

Trouble in Kalamazoo

Most recently, Kalamazoo has seen its own version of this trash road on I-94 underneath the Kilgore overpass, where the right lane was the victim of multiple giant potholes which were taking cares out left and right, with the city attempting to fix them multiple times.

I don't know if there will ever be a real solution to fixing our roads but at the current rate it looks like Pothole will be the official 5th season of the year.

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