Michigan’s smallest burger joint has some of the biggest burgers in the state.

The Whitehouse Restaurant in Clare has been servin’ up food since 1935. It’s so small, that you could easily pass it by without noticing…however, there’s a cool old 1950s-type “hamburgers” sign out front that makes it easy to find.

Ya don’t wanna burger? Then have breakfast, salad, soup, gyros, and all different kinds of sammiches.

Family-owned, The Whitehouse is located at 613 N. McEwan Street in Clare. In other words, it sits smack in the middle of Clare, on Old 27.

Open seven days a week from 7am – 10pm, you just might wanna veer off 127 as you head north this year…and check out this great little burger joint.

It’s the SMALLEST burger joint in Michigan…take a look at the photos below!

Do you know of a smaller one?


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