Midwest Enterprises for the Blind is celebrating 25 years of service in our area all summer and fall with employee recognition, a brand new website, public engagements and tree plantings! MWEB's mission is to create employment opportunities for the blind, while at the same time providing quality products with expertise in light assembly, packing, and distribution. Founded in 1993, this non-profit organization grew from their first location on the Kalamazoo Mall to their current 39,000-square-foot facility at 2207 Lake Street. Not only do they provide independence and economic success for their employees, they are also advocates at local and federal levels for opportunities, programs and recognition for the blind and visually impaired. Kalamazoo is one of the most livable cities in the country for the blind. MWEB is certainly a big part of that.

A full schedule of events will be released soon. Keep posted! And help a gem in our community continue their mission!

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