Final Gravity Brewing in Kalamazoo invites you to celebrate the release of Midwestern Lull's latest single, Miracle to Me, Saturday, July 20th. Southwest Michigan born, but now based in Chicago, Midwestern Lull has been described as "...that sound that record execs have been trying to duplicate since Uncle Tupelo...They have the perfect mix of muscular old-school (i.e. "good") country and smart pop." (Kenosha News). Recently, the band opened for The Verve Pipe at Decatur's 2019 MidwestFest, and wrapped up a tour supporting Terry McBride. They're coming home for one night only to celebrate the latest project from their nearly two decades together. Grab a pint, enjoy the music, and, if you like what you hear, snag a free download of Miracle to Me.

Mark Toliusis
Mark Toliusis

Here's what you need to know:

Bonus Video: Check Out Midwestern Lull's Time Flies By

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