The early morning hours of February 27 saw mysterious lights in the sky over Lake Michigan at Milwaukee. The lights were caught on camera by the local Fox affiliate, channel 6, confounding the Wake Up morning anchors.

The video was captured at 4:43AM and shows dozens of lights streaking across the sky. The video runs just 26 seconds and has the anchors asking,

are those fireworks?

What is that? Aliens? I don't know?

What the heck is that?

You see that right?

I see it. It's getting weirder by the second.

The video was shared on Reddit and had commenters speculating that it could be drones (at quarter-to-five AM?) or birds being illuminated by the lights of the city. Fox 6 reporter Amy Dupont says the mystery is solved and they are indeed birds, seagulls.

Give the video a look for yourself and see what you make of these odd lights in the sky.

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