If you were to ask me to lay out a list of dream jobs I would want to have in my life it would look like this:
1.Radio Personality
2.Professional Wrestler/Commentator
3.Chief Taco Officer.

Amazingly one of those dreams has already become a reality for me but soon I may be able to accomplish another one locally according to FOX 17; that is, if Kalamazoo or Portage picks up on this amazing idea. Moe's Southwest Grill, whose headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia is looking for someone to promote their new Three Amigos Tacos. The selected individual will lead the first ever “Taco Tour” on a food truck through 12 cities around the United States, which kicks off June 1 in Atlanta.

The stated the contest is for those at least 18 years old and you must be a taco fanatic, have a sense of humor and wit, be super skilled with social media , and have the time to travel around for two weeks this summer on the Taco Tour. Perks of being the Taco Officer include all the tacos you can eat, travel arrangements, $1,000 “fun budget” and free swag and bragging rights.

I don't need to travel but I definitely wouldn't mind all them free tacos. Your move Moe's. Any citizen of the U.S. can enter to become Taco Officer here!



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