Friend of the Rocker Morning Show, man-about town, movie critic, and raconteur, Ryan Jay stopped by The Rocker Morning Show to talk movies opening this weekend.

Money Monster

  • “This movie starts off like being shot out of a cannon.”
  • “This is a suspenseful movie… adrenaline inducing…”
  • “You’re swept up in to this movie… the performances are great.”
  • “See it!

The Family Fang

  • “It’s a little slow to start but the last quarter of the film is so juicy it makes up for the deliberate pacing.”
  • “… all of your questions get answered, things are explained and make sense and it’s very satisfying viewing that. All without being tied up in a perfect little bow.”
  • “It is the kind of complex film that would be fun to see again, knowing what’s happening this time around and getting to understand it even more.”
  • See it!

The Meddler

  • “It’s an unlikely comedy. It is refreshing.”
  • “…there’s just as much delight and escapism in this as in the big blockbusters we’re getting inundated with lately.”
  • See it!