Taking a tour of the most expensive home for sale in Michigan will rock your world.

Building this mansion was a 5-year process between 2000 and 2005.  It took $22 million to complete this breathtaking 22-acre estate.  The incredible detail of the woodwork is unmatched with over 50 different species of wood throughout the home.  My favorite area of the home has to be where the pool, hot tub, powder rooms, and sauna are located.  It's absolutely beautiful.  This home also has a killer entertainment area for playing games, hosting parties, and even watching movies in the giant home theater.  Then there's the fireplace mantel in the master bedroom that is valued at half a million dollars alone.  After you check out the incredible photos below make sure you take a tour of this palace by watching the TikTok under the photo gallery.

Most Expensive House For Sale in Michigan

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Most Expensive House For Sale in Michigan

Location: 1558 Dutton Rd, Oakland Township, MI 48306

Currently Listing Price: $11.5 Million

Rooms: 7 Bedrooms, 20 Bathrooms

Living Space: 20,000 Square Feet

Listing Agent: Vito Pampalona - Vito Anthony Homes Bldg Co (248) 652-2000


Now we go from one of the most beautiful estates in Michigan to one of the most alarming finds in Ohio.  This house has an indoor pool...in the basement...in a cage.

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This 3/3 home in Ohio is surprisingly affordable at $75,900...until you see the pictures.

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