We've got a movie sign! Experience the cult favorite like never before as MST3K comes to KST. See Crow, Tome Servo and others riff on stage live in November.

Tell me this is not a perfect movie for Mystery Science Theater: a nine-year-old boy "who loses his father, but makes contact with what he believes is his deceased parent via a small phone and is terrorized by a ventriloquist dummy named Fletcher who is possessed by a demon." That is the synopsis of Making Contact, the target of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 live production "Time Bubble Tour."

The “Time Bubble Tour,” supervised by series creator Joel Hodgson, launches in October in York, Pennsylvania and will land in Kalamazoo at the historic State Theatre on November 16. The tour features the returning cast of the 2019 “Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour,” Emily Marsh, Conor McGiffin, Nate Begle, and Yvonne Freese, along with the world's only movie-riffing robots, Tom Servo, Crow, and GPC.

I’m thrilled to announce that the MST3K live show is back on the road for audiences to enjoy together again, especially after a year that's been tough on all of us. I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of hanging with friends and watching a cheesy movie while bots yell stuff at the screen.

-Joel Hodgson, MST3K Creator

The television show originally aired for eleven seasons from 1988-1999 as Joel Robinson and then Mike Nelson endured the punishment of watching terrible movies with their robot companions. In 2015. MSTies showed overwhelming support in a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign to bring back the show. Jonah Ray led the cast of the Netflix revival which isn't over yet- thirteen new episodes are in development.

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live: Time Bubble Tour
  • Tuesday, November 16 | 7 pm showtime
  • Kalamazoo State Theatre
  • Tickets: $32.50- $196.50
  • Pre-sale: Wed, July 7 @Noon with password MEDIA
  • Public on Sale: Friday, July 9 @Noon

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