A Lansing hairstylist with half a million followers on Tik Tok has clients driving from as far as Toledo to get a rad '80s style mullet haircut.

She's known as "mother mullet" and her work can be seen on Tik Tok with the hashtag mulletsofmichigan. Dedicated to the "mulletification" of Michigan, Ashley Medina was profiled by NPR (are you feeling old yet?) and dubbed "the mullet queen of Lansing."

You remember the mullet, right? It might be as androgynous as the man-bun, but it is far less embarrassing, The mullet was the hugely popular 1980s hairstyle best described as "business in the front, party in the back." If you're still not sure, do a Google image search for "Patrick Swayze Roadhouse," "Rob Lowe," or "Richard Marx first album," to see some of the most iconic manes of the decade.

The history of the mullet stretches much further back in time than the Regan era. NPR checked in with historian Dan Sharfstein who traced the origins "back to Native American people from the far northeastern corner of Oregon. Chief Joseph, a leader of the Nez Perce Indians of that area, kept a mulleted look of spiky bangs in the front, braids on the side and long hair in the back."

Hockey hair is making a comeback today as hairstylist Ashley Medina has amassed 10.8 million likes and nearly 600,000 followers on TikTok as ashleymedinahair. The Lansing trendsetter says she may specialize in only this specific kind of haircut in the future. She’s thinking about it- give her some time to mull it over.

Heavy metal fans from the '80s remember the mullet and the American Rock Festival at Timber Ridge.

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