My cats; more like roommates of mine than "fur babies."  But I've grown to love 'em and they need a good human. I try to be the best human I can be.

Allow me to (finally) introduce you.

This is Ishii, named after Oren Ishii from Kill Bill. Nicknames include "Ishii Roo" (no idea), "Cupcake" (due to the white spot on her chest that makes her look like a Hostess Cupcake), and "Bat Face" (because she looks like a bat. I'm very creative).

Stefani Bishop

Ishii prefers to sit wherever the hell she wants to sit, especially if someone or something else is sitting there first. Sometimes she makes a seat out of the wrong part of everything, as illustrated below:

Stefani Bishop             Silly, Ishii!  That's not where your butt goes!

She tolerates my existence and lets me live in the condo as long as I continue to bring her offerings of food. Warning: if you are male and a guest in my home, your lap belongs to Ishii. She does not care if you "don't like cats" or are "deathly allergic." You're a dude with a lap. Give it up. An incredibly unique cat, she gets along with EVERY animal.  Dogs, cats, raccoons - you name it. Once the ritual hissing match ends, she pounces on the animal to clean it's ears and mother the hell out of them. That's why it was so easy to bring Chopin in to our world.

This is Chopin. Nicknames include "Chopin Lin" (no idea), "Cringer" (when it's storming), and "Fancy Lad" (because look at him... he's so fancy).

Stefani Bishop

Chopin thinks I'm the bee's knees. From the second I get home to the moment I go to bed, Chopin is underfoot (sometimes literally). He follows me everywhere, and cat-cries if I'm not paying him attention. In order to get any work done on my laptop, I have to keep a box on my desk so that he can curl up next to me. It's like a magic trick. My vet seems to think he's a Ragdoll, but I think he's just a beautiful accident between a house cat and a stray. He really couldn't be a sweeter and more gentle animal. For real.  I lucked out.

Fun fact! Chopin came to me fully clawed, and he has helped himself to destroying a few pieces of thrift store furniture over the years.  Recently I heard about Kitty Caps - little rubber sleeves that go over cat's claws, and since they come in only pink and purple, the nickname "Fancy Lad" doesn't just apply to his fancy fluff:


Stefani Bishop                                        Oooooooh, he's so fancy!

My cat looks more put together than I do.

I'm serious.



So there you are, friends, my feline roommates.  Looking to adopt a roommate of your own?  There are so many wonderful animals that need a good human.  Click here to become a human roommate today.