Nate Burleson is not a native Michigander (he's Canadian). However, his 4 years with the Detroit Lions certainly have given him an affinity for the city and state.

The NFL Today host (and host of CBS This Morning and Nickelodeon's NFL Slimetime) gave Detroit an unexpected shoutout to close out the Thanksgiving Day pregame show before a game the Lions would close in the closing seconds to the Buffalo Bills.

Nate let slip a "What Up Doe?" as the final credits were rolling on the NFL Today. Likely only keen-eared Detroiters would have heard it and caught the reference.

What Up Doe is, of course, a greeting well-known and often heard around Detroit.

Burleson was fined during the 2010 season for wearing a shirt with 'What's Up Doe' under his uniform. Flashing it got him docked $15,000. Same 'ol No Fun League.

ProFootballTalk covered it at the time stating

Lions receiver Nate Burleson lifted his jersey during Sunday’s pregame introductions to reveal a shirt with “What up doe” written on it. He also scored a touchdown and, in celebration, punted the ball into the stands.

In the NFL, those are costly rules violations.

Burleson has been fined $15,000 for breaking celebration rules and uniform policies.

Take a look at this image of the What Up Doe t-shirt incident.

Burleson further endeared himself to fans in Detroit during the team's 2012 playoff season. WXYZ TV mic'd him up for the playoff-clinching game, presaging his post-football turn to the media. His exuberance shines in this clip.

Detroit Lions fans, know that win or lose you've got a true supporter in the upper echelons of NFL media.

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