Ray Ray's in Kalamazoo is famous for their Hot Italian Beef sandwiches, and that may have been the thing to attract local competitive eater Nathan Klein to head over and try to take down their 8 lb food challenge. Klein, a resident of Battle Creek, has taken on a lot of local challenges, but this one had an excellent chance of taking HIM down, as he elaborated on his YouTube:

Challengers have a one-hour time limit to finish a massive 28'' loaded sandwich and over a pound of fries! If you finish in 60 minutes or less you get the meal for free, a t-shirt, and get to re-name the challenge! If unsuccessful, you would pay $50 for the meal and take home some leftovers. Randy Santel was the last winner back in 2019, and prior to him only one other person had completed it out of many, many attempts. This challenge weighs in around 8 pounds total

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Prior to him taking on the challenge, it had only been defeated twice over the course of 3 years. The name of the challenge was changed to famous competitive eater Randy Santel after he took it down last. It turns out Nathan had it in him to re-name the challenge, as he has now become the third person to defeat it. Although he didn't beat Randy Santel's time, he still gets to re-name the challenge, which after recording his victory, decided it will now be called the "Nathan's Pretty Massive Jumbo Sandwich" Challenge. Watch him take it down in 50 minutes & 2 seconds below:

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Nathan Klein of Battle Creek, Michigan, has completed over 130 food challenges

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