I recently made the long trip up to the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula.  During the trip, my wife and I got to experience the Brockway Mountain Drive outside of Copper Harbor. 

If you have never been to this part of Michigan it is worth experiencing.   It's amazing with all the views that you are still in the State of Michigan.

The Brockway Mountain Drive is just west of Copper Harbor.   You first go up a steep hill and find a lookout over Copper Harbor.  Unfortunately for us we could not spend much time here as it was raining.  It is a fantastic view of the area.  I love the fact that it is another way for you to see the lighthouse there.

You make your way farther up the drive and come to another lookout.  From here you can see very scenic views of not only Lake Superior, but of the area just southwest of Copper Harbor.  There is a sign that explains the drive and facts about what you are looking out at.

Photo by Mrs. Fly
Photo by Mrs. Fly

It is close to a 9 mile drive and takes you just outside of Eagle Harbor.  Even with the cloud cover you could see around pretty clearly.  Supposedly you can see Isle Royale on a clear day and even ships out in Lake Superior.  Will have to go up there again someday and hope for a clearer day.

My favorite scenic drive in Michigan is the Tunnel of Trees outside of Harbor Springs. This drive has become one of my new favorites.

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